Friday, March 4, 2011

03.04.2011 ;

Anthony will be 2 years old on in juss two months ; it's been a real lonq time since i been on here ! & i havent updated anybody with anythin . still havent qot Anthonys headstone up ; we've paid $200.00 on it already & tony wont siqn the papers over cause its in his name & i cant pay on it, unless its in my name ! so its lookinq like Anthony wont have a headstone up fur his second birthday ' which REALLY hurts me alot ): i wanted my baby boy too have it up ! were qunna have to qet a new one & pay that one off. juss wanted too update everybody alittle bit ! thanks everybody & i sure do miss tlkinq to all of all. i will update yuu more , as the days come . & a new mother has found me , & shes became one of my close friends , so all yu other mothers , find here & tlk to her , her name is Brittany Martin ! shes only 17 years old & she lost her little man Konnor, but he lived fur FIVE whole days & he qot to qo too church . will write more about him & her later. (: