Monday, January 18, 2010

Hi Again Everybody !!

Sorry everybody ! I haven't been on here much. It's beeen a while. I just wanted everybody to know were doing goood ; missing Anthony , but it will be like that for the rest of our lifes. Sometimes I sit here and think that he's just staying the night with my mom or Tonys mom . But its not like that. When I sit here, I know he's not coming back to be in my arms, and it gets me upset. I'll never get to hold him in my arms untill I pass away and go to heaven and meet with him again ! The other night Tony&I watched the video we had done for the viewing, where is shows all of Anthonys pictures, and we couldn't help but cry ! It's not fair that we wont get to have Anthony in our arms again ! ITS NOT RIGHT ! We want him back; I dont understand why it had to be US ? There is so MANY questions I have, and they WILL NEVER get answered . Life just isnt right with out Anthony ! He'll be a year old in FOUR MONTHS ! Time went by to fast. I wonder how much he weighs, who he looks like now ? This is the HARDEST thing we will EVER GO THROUGH !