Sunday, April 26, 2009

5 Days To Go!

It's to close away. I don't think I can do it. I get more upset everyday. Tony and I are not ready yet. We have got the funeral arangments all down and where we want him and everything. We wanted to put him at the foot of Tony's mommy, because Tony never got to meet his momma, and she never got to hold him, but then we decided we want to put him where my family is, but in baby land, and then whenever we get a plot for us, move him to where we are going to be. I hope it's going to be a good idea. Tony and I went and had pictures done friday and they turned out really cute. I will put them on as soon as we go and get them. Friday is to close. I am to scared. It's hard to believe I am about to have him, and I was always the one to say I am not having a baby yet. But I guess god wanted me to have a baby, and hopefully be a wonderful mom to Anthony. Thank you all for taking the time to read. God bless!

Friday, April 24, 2009

1 Week To Go.!

It's almost seems impossiable. He will be here so soon. I can't believe it. My last doctors appointment was Wednesday! And all he told me is that he would see me on May 1st. I was told that Anthony should stop moving so much since it is so close to my due date, but he is still an active mover, asn't slowed down. He always kicks when I am laying with somebody, it's like he knows and defently doesn't like it. :) He always kicks his daddy in the back. It really means alot to Tony when he feels him kick and all that. Anthony ALWAYS kicks for his daddy, and always moves when he hears his voice. We can be talking and Anthony will kick, it's like he is saying, DADDY TALK TO ME! :) I don't know what I am going to do when he is here. I am going to have so much to say, I don't even know what to start with, but I do wanna make sure I do say "I Love You Son". I am not going to let him get outta my site. I got all my stuff for the hospital packed, and I got all Anthony's things packed, now all we gotta go get is somethings for Tony.. He'll be here soon, and I can tell ya'll about my precious baby boy, and how handsome he is. Thank you all.

Monday, April 20, 2009

1 Week And 4 Days To Go.

Sorry, I haven't been posting lately. I have been feeling really misserable. It's flying by so fast. Tony and I can't believe it. Our little man will be here so soon. I can't wait to see his beautiful face. He slowed down with his moving but I hate when he stays in one spot now, I am so used to him moving around and only staying in one spot for about 10 to 20 minutes. But it's okay, as long as he is okay and comfortable in there. :) I think I am ready for the c-section, I have been watching this channel on TV and I think I can take it but the only thing I am not looking forward to is that shot in my back. My sister told me that it is just alittle pinch, and all you feel is them moving alittle bit, but not really. So I think I can do it, but that shot has really got me scared, but Tony has been real supportive, he always tells me he will be right there with me and that everything will be okay. So I thank him for that. He can't wait to be a daddy, and see his little man. I have a doctors appointment on wednesday-4/22/09 so we can make sure everything is okay with him. I'm sure everything is, he is strong baby. Also if anybody would like to ask me any questions, please be welcome to write me at

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just A Short Post!

It's so close. I can't believe it. I don't have much more time to go. I have been feeling really sick and miserable today.. Tony has comforted me alot. I think god I have him. We are having a yard sale to raise money for the funeral, but hopefully we won't have to have one. Tony and I had a good night last night, he talked to Anthony an offal lot. He would always kick when his daddy would talk to him. He loves his daddy, you can already tell. :) It's only One week and Six days. WOW!

Prego Pictures

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One Of His First Ultrasounds, His Little Feet.
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We Had Fun.
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Momma And I
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Friday, April 17, 2009

2 Weeks To Go.

Only two more weeks to go. Its not that much farther away! I am deffently scared. I don't know if I am ready for him to come out. It is going to be so hard if Anthony doesn't make it, and when I come home I am going to see my precious little nephews Cayden and Aiden. I am going to see my sister be a perfect momma to her baby boys, and mine might not be with me for me to be that good of a momma to Anthony. I might not get to see his first smile, hear his first laugh, or when he starts to try to talk. I might not get to see all that happen with Anthony but I watch my nephew do all of that. I watch my little nephew run around, it is going to make me wanna break down, I still pray that Anthony will be as strong as he is now, and get to make it through all of this. He is an amazin baby! So are all of those other angels that have/had anencephaly. That is much as I can update for today, but I will update more tomorrow.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

2 Weeks And 1 Day To Go.

Wow, only two weeks and one day. I don't have much more time to go. It is an amazing feeling knowing I am going to be able to hold my precious baby Boy. I just pray that he will be just as strong when he comes out, and keeps the good work up and show everybody that he can make it through all of this.. Even if he doesn't, Tony and I will love him the same way! He holds our hearts. He has changed our life's in so many ways, yeah it might seem crazy that a baby so little can change somebody's life, but our son has changed almost everything about us. I am not going to know how it feels when I have the c-section, I am scared that I am not going to be able to hold him before god takes him from us because I am going to be in surgery still, I just hope he makes it and god will show us all that he can make miracles. God is an amazing person, and he has helped me through so many things, and I pray to him that he will help my baby boy. I have rethought a lot of things. Many people have showed me that some care about my angel, and some don't. If baby Anthony doesn't get to stay with us, he will NEVER be forgotten, he will be loved the same as if he was here, and he will ALWAYS be in my heart. I hope I have got all the things I will need for him when he is bornnn. I have finally felt him have hiccups, it feels so weird, but it is also an amazing feeling.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 Weeks And 2 Days To Go.

Things are going amazing. He has been an active mover. I can't wait till he is here with us. Only got two more weeks and two days. I've been having some pains in my stomach but not to sure what they really are. People seem to really wanna be there when Lil'Tony is born. We made a video of him moving but I guess he knew we was making one because he stopped moving around and everything. He always kicks for his daddy. He moved around alittle bit but you can't tell. We are going to try to make another one when he will kick and everything, but some people say that since it is so close to time, he isn't going to move much. He don't move like he used to, he would make my entire stomach move, but it moves alittle. Well I thought I would update everybody, and can't wait till he is here, so I can tell all of ya'll around our amazing handsome angel!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2 Weeks And 3 Days To Go.

Well things are going good so far, had a doctors appointment today, and we scheduled the c-section for May 1, 2009. I have to be there around 5:45-6:00 and they will start the c-section around 7:30. I'm really scared, I don't know how it is going to feel. The good news is, Tony's going to be in there with me, and they are going to finish the c-section and Tony will have the baby during that time, and it should take 45 minutes to an hour before everybody else can see Anthony, Tony and I. At least we get to keep baby Anthony. I only have two more doctors appointment's until our angel is here. Everybody is ready to see him. He's been a big time mover even though he is almost due. He's always been a good kicker and a really strong baby. All I am going to ask is that ya'll pray for the best when he comes. He seems to not like when we listen to his heart beat. :) I can't wait till our son is here. Is daddy is ready to see him. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

2 Weeks And 4 Days To Go.

I know I haven't been on here posting everything like I should be. Just a really busy person, getting everything ready for when Anthony comes. He will be here in 2 weeks and 4 days. He is an amazing kicker. He loves to kick when his daddy talks to him. I can tell he is going to be with his daddy more. :) I am not ready for him to be here yet. It's a scary thing to be looking forward to. He is my first and don't know how it is going to feel, or what it is going to be like. He seems to always be a happy baby, even though he is still inside of me. Everybody is ready for him to be here, ready to hold our little angel. I'm scared I am not going to be the mommy that Anthony is looking forward to. I try to talk to him as much as I can, and rub my belly but I don't know if I am doing the right things for him. Sometimes I always ask myself why it has to be our son.? I don't see how this could happen to any baby? How could something like this happen to anybody? Sometimes I don't understand life. No matter where Baby Anthony is, I will always love him the same, never forget him. I want to spend the most time with him as I can. He holds the key to my heart. He showed me and his daddy what it really means to love somebody.

Anthonys 3D Ultrasound

He Means The World To Me!
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My Everything!
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My Precious Angel!
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Showing He Is A BOY!
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Anthony Loren Guinn Jr.

My Name is Karie Sandiford. When I was five months pregant I found out that my baby boy Anthony had be dignosed with anencephaly(no brain). I didn't know what to do or think. I had no clue what it meant. I was scared and didn't know what to say or anything. I didn't think it anybody could have no brain, and not beable to live after birth. I am so young as it is and didn't understand anything that the doctors were telling me. I prayed everyday that things would change and they would tell me that my baby boy was okay and it was a mistake, and that day has never came.