Monday, January 18, 2010

Hi Again Everybody !!

Sorry everybody ! I haven't been on here much. It's beeen a while. I just wanted everybody to know were doing goood ; missing Anthony , but it will be like that for the rest of our lifes. Sometimes I sit here and think that he's just staying the night with my mom or Tonys mom . But its not like that. When I sit here, I know he's not coming back to be in my arms, and it gets me upset. I'll never get to hold him in my arms untill I pass away and go to heaven and meet with him again ! The other night Tony&I watched the video we had done for the viewing, where is shows all of Anthonys pictures, and we couldn't help but cry ! It's not fair that we wont get to have Anthony in our arms again ! ITS NOT RIGHT ! We want him back; I dont understand why it had to be US ? There is so MANY questions I have, and they WILL NEVER get answered . Life just isnt right with out Anthony ! He'll be a year old in FOUR MONTHS ! Time went by to fast. I wonder how much he weighs, who he looks like now ? This is the HARDEST thing we will EVER GO THROUGH !


  1. Yes, it is the hardest thing to go through and I know you miss Anthony very much!! I'm glad you and Tony have each other to hug and to cry together. I hope that you have many good days!

  2. It is so, so hard. There are so many unanswered questions. I am praying these hard days are fewer and fewer.

  3. Sorry girl I know how it is when you get to thinking of anthony and thin thinking What does my son look like what would have been his first word WHAT IF?? But god will give you all the time you have missed with anthony Back to you when you get to heaven just hold on to the memories and smile as much as possible I know anthony goes to you every time you get sad and need him, Just think things will be better in heaven just make sure your follow the bible so you can see anthony and be with him forever, Well ILY, And please hold on