Wednesday, June 9, 2010

06.09.2010 .

I'm sorry that i haven't been on here in almost a month . Alot is going on in our lifes right now . Were in the process in trying to find a new home . But , we have been doing reallyyy well . my birthday juss passed by . (: 17 , but nuthin special . found out that we owe $281.00 left on the headstonnnee . an really glad<3 it will be paid off really sooon . but agaiinnn , i am really sorry fur not being on here lately ;; how has everybodyyy been doing ? is everyybody been doing ohkaay ? (:


  1. Hi Karie, glad to hear your update and it's good to hear you are doing well. Hope you had a good birthday!

    There's a new girl on ABFA who is 16 and I thought of you. Maybe you could stop in and leave her a note?

    Been doing good! I'm 24 wks along w/ our rainbow baby. Another girl. We're quite excited and everything seems to be just fine! Hoping and praying it stays that way!

  2. Hi, Karie. Hope you find a new home and get what you are looking for. Did you get any help from Emmazing Grace on the headstone?Please let me know - I hope you did.And I hope you got the card I sent you!

  3. Hi Karie - I just gave the new mom on ABFA your e-mail - hope that's okay!

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