Monday, October 18, 2010

it's beeen awhile .

it has beeen a LONG time since i have posted on here & i'm sorry ! i am no lonqer with Anthony's father , he doesn't even claim him . i am currentley datin sumbody else now & he calls himself Anthony's dad . which means ALOT too me ; he loves my child & does anythin he can fur him . he is helpin me pay fur his headstone ; & he has a wonderful job & i am lookin fur one nowww (: he has alittle boy , who is qoin too mean the world too me whn i qet too meet him . he won't be born till January . i juss wanted tooo update everybody on everythin . & aqain , i am sorry it's beeen awhile .

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  1. It's nice to hear from you! Sorry it didn't work out with Anthony's dad but it sounds like you're really happy who you're with and that's great! It's sad that he no longer claims him. How can anyone not claim their child? That's great that you're looking at headstones! I hope you share it when it is up!