Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Two Months&Fourteen Days Old'

Hey everyone, I want to post and let you all know everything that is going on. I am going through a really rough time. My mother moved outta our house, leaving me with everything. I have to worry about my brother, as if he is my son. My dad is having to work 24/7. Tony is tryin to get a job. We want another baby here soon. We both wanna get up on our feet first. The kids I was watching, I am NO longer watching anymore. I feel really bad because I am not on here posting all the time. Anthony has changed our lifes so much. He touched mine and his daddy's heart so much.. I never thought somebody so small could touch so many peoples heart's. I got some flowers out there at Anthony's gravesite. I am not able to get out there much, but I am tryin. Tony&I&My father are trying to get his headstone up FAST(: We have to get a paper from the cemetery and take it to my dad's job and they will be paying for it(: they are REALLY nice people. I am having problems with my C-Section, it has been REALLY sore lately. Honestly it is really worth all the pain, body wise. It was ALL for our little Anthony. He means the world to me.. I am glad he is doing PERFECT in heaven with all the other ANGELS(: I know other mommy's know how I feel and where I am coming from.

Again thank you for reading Tony&Anthony&My blog!
Anthony's Mommy&Daddy! Seven Hours And Fivty Three Minutes.
Daddy's Lil'Man(:


  1. Karie I am sorry Yall are Having a ruff Time!! You can tell how much you love lil tony By the pictures I am glad you got to have him And have such a wonderful angel to look after you and your Family!!

  2. I am sorry for all that you have to go through in addition to missing Anthony so much. I know you guys will work hard and make it. It might be rough sometimes but God will be there to get you through it. I'm sorry you've been sore but you're right, it is worth it!