Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hey everybody; I just wanted to update everybody on how my life is going, along with Anthonys&Tony's!! Anthony is missed deaply. ): Wish I could bring him backkk. So does Tony. ); things are getting harder and harder everyday. Wishing we could wake up in the middle of the night to Anthony crying because he is hungry. I really don't know what else to sayyyy. I juss wanted to let you all know how we are doing, and feeling. I am about to go to bed, so it is a short postttt. Message me on yahoo if you wanna talk, or myspace.. If you look me up on myspace it's under Karie Guinn!!!


  1. There will be ups and downs and that's totally normal. I wish we could wake up in the middle of the night too. I don't have myspace anymore but I'm on FB.

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  3. Karie everything is going to be fine trust me when you go to sleep Anthony is right there with you!! I know it is hard girl but just keep your head high!!! And he loves you and he will make your life grand!! Just keep thinking Positive Just remember his smiles!!!! :) I wish I could bring him back for you I dont want to see neither of you go throw the Pain Of loving him and loosing Him!!
    Ilyy Girl and I am here!! :) ♥ ♥ ♥