Thursday, August 20, 2009

As Of August 20, 2009

We have been missing Anthony alot here lately. I have been arguing with this kid about Anthony. He said some disturbing things, and I am NOT going to let it upset me, because I know everything he said was nothing but a lieee. Alot of things have been going on in all of our lives, and it makes me want Anthony back in my arms, so everything would juss go AWAY! We are wanting another baby here soon. I have though alot about school, and I can drop out and get my GED but I have been thinking about doing what I did for my 9th gradee year. Which is the home cound program! I have this weekend to decide, but I wanna beable to get my high school deploma, and I am going to be taking some college classes online to become a photographer. Which is SOMETHING I love doing, and I wanna beable to take pictures of babies that may not make it long after birth, like people did with me! && I wanna do it for free. I'm dunno get through school and this college, and Tony will be getting a job here soon, and I am going to get him to get me a GOOD camera, the prefesional cameras. Thought I would update you all, and sorry I haven't been on here much to tell ya'll everything.


  1. People can be very ignorant about our babies. They don't know the truth and how special and beautiful they are. I hope you are able to decide what you'd rather do for schooling. I think that's great you want to become a photographer and take pics of babies.

  2. I am soo Happy for you you and TOny are Doing amazing!!!

    And girl dont worry about that guyyy We know how anthonyy was and how special and gifted everyone was to hold him!!
    I know it may hurt but Anthonyy was like all of heaven put in a buatful all in his soul and his spirit he was a gift for you and his daddy!!! And I know you miss him but things will get better on you I think that would Deff. Be awesome to take Pictures Like you did with anthonyy!! I wish we would have gotten a Special picture made of him and his Caddy!! :)