Saturday, October 10, 2009

Anthony's 5 Months 1 Week&2 Days Old.

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Well I juss wanted to thank everybody who has took the time to come and read Mine, Tony's&Anthony's blog. I might not know any of ya'll but ya'll have beeen suporrtive to not only me, but Tony.

We miss Anthony more then anything in this world. I would do anything to bring him back. ): when he was born and a couple hours after, and he was having hard times breatheing and wasn't going to make it much longer, Tony&I and my momma&Daddy were all sitting around him and I would tell him "it's okay son, you can go, we won't be mad at you" everytime I said that, he'd breathe, and it would make Tony&I smile. To this day, I think that is what he was wanting us to do, is smile before he went to join Jesus.

Debbie- I would like to thank you for coming and reading my blog. I don't know you, but from what Tony has told me, you seem really nice(: thanks again for coming and reading it. If there is ANYTHING you wanna ask, please don't be scareeeed; && that goes along for everybody else.


  1. It's so nice to have supportive comments! I hope you receive many!

  2. I remember when Me and Dougy walked in and you were sitting there with anthony and he was doing that!!! Every single time you told him that he would start breathing!! I remeber you and tony gave him a kiss then it was like he said ok mommy daddy nana and papa i am going to hold on longer I dont want yall to be sad when I leave!!! He gave yall the Best nad the Most memorable 7hours and 53mins of you r Life!!!!!


  3. I have a Video Of him Playing with Caddyy and the Bear I got him if you want to see it!!! Its so Cute he was moving his hands and talking to you!! Let me know if you want to see it!!!