Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanks everybody again(:

Again. I wanna thank everybody who has beeeeeeen there for me.

Holly, for one- Girl, I don't even know you, and you've beeeen there 24/7. I don't know how to thank you girl! Everytime I post, your on it(: You've sent me things for our little Anthony. When I am down, you always write me something to cheer me up! You told me you AMAZING STORY of your beautiful little daughter.

Tony, Anthony's daddy- Baby, I don't know how to THANK YOU HUNNY! Your there by my side when I neeed you; you was there to hold my hand when we was at the viewing(: youuu are there for mee through, ANYTHING!! You don't let me feeel depressed, you always talk about Anthony and it ALWAYS cheers me up. ily.

Momma, Anthony's Nana; Well you was there for Tony&I when we found out that Anthony had anencephaly. You helped plan out his viewing&Funeral. You was by our siddde&my dadddys side THROUGH ANYTHING! ily.

Daddy, Anthony's Grandpa; You was there through ANYTHING! You wouldn't leave my side, nor Tonys sidddde; You held mine&Tonys hand the DAY ANTHONY WAS BRON! You toolld us everything was going to be okaaay! You said Anthony would stay with us, and show us he LOVES us! ily.

Momma#2, Anthony's Grandma- Were not ALL that closssssse; But you do anything for me, and your son(Tony). You couldnt make it when Anthony was born, but you made sure we was okay, and you called and asked about him, plenty of times. You always get me ANYTHING I want, even if you don't have much money to even do it(: ily.

Morgan, Anthony's Uncle; You was there for Tony&I when we neeeeded you. You was there for Tony&I&Anthony's nana when we found out Anthony had anencephaly. You brung Tony&I fooooood when we was in the hospital! You came up there when Anthony was born, you didn't make it while he was still alive, but it still meant ALOT toooo Tony, Anthony&I. ily.

This is to Anthony Aunt, and Uncles; Sorry ya'll, I didn't want to do it one by one, But I love you ALL and thanks for being there for me&Tony. Means the WORLD To both of us.
Crystal Morehead; I loveee you!
Charlie Sandiford; I loveee you!
Josephh Sandiford; I loveee you!
Brandon Dutton; I loveee you!


  1. What a great post of thank yous! Karie, you are so welcome! I am glad to be there for you. I need to figure out how to fix your blog layout. It should be showing your background better than it is. I'll consult one of my blog friends to see how I can fix that. She told me how to do it awhile ago and I forget the steps now.

    Take care!!

  2. Ok, everything is ok with your background. On some computers the background doesn't show as well. Prolly just the way it is viewed/zoom level. Because I am seeing just fine now that I zoomed out a little.