Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Angel Is 5 months and 4 days ollld;

Well sorry I haven't been posting latley; I just been having alot going on lately; && alot of things have beeen getting to me, and have beeen starting to feeel down about everything; I've beeen misssing Anthony so much; Somebody said Anthony didn't have NO brain and that REALLY got too me and had me upset, REALLY upset; && then they said I did drugs while I was pregnant and caused him to have Anencephaly. & to me, there is NO reason for that; For along time I blamed myself and when I seeen that, it really got to me and made me really upset, and if I didn't have Tony, I don't think I could have went through that; The people that run there mouth about it don't know how it feels. & people that haven't had a baby with anencephaly don't know how it feeels to watch your baby suffer too beathe and then have too give your newborn and viewing and funeral. NO its not the easiest thing to do. Other moms know but not people who haven't experienced it. If Tony wasn't around to help me through all of this, honestly I don't think I would have been able to do this alonne. I thank Tony everyday for being a REAL MAN and sticking by my side at such a young age, and with any other guy, they would leave their girlfriendd. Well I thought I would post ya'll. Again if you need to talk to me, email me at or if anybody neeeds to talk to Tony, email him at

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  1. I'm sorry people were being so mean. It's uncalled for and they have no clue how special our babies are. All of our babies have at least a brain stem and there are babies that have even more brain tissue. Thank goodness you and Tony have each other and have stuck by each others sides through this difficult journey. I am sorry things have been so tough.