Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1st , 2010 ;;

well ; his birthdayy went well ; found out who my real friendssss are ; an there isnt veryyy many people eithheeer ; an you should know who you are ; we did something different , didn't go as planneeeed ; who bought this fence kinnnda thing , an put it around his grave , an put the angel we bought in there , a friend bought him a bear , and some flowerrrrs ; then we got some balloons an everybody wrote something on them , an tieeeed em too the fence (: but we got two more that everybody signeeed an let one go , an we're keeepinnng one(: we had cake , which turned out pretty well ; pictuuuresss will be up soon(:


  1. So sorry for the loss of your baby boy.Please email me - I have some info that may help you get a marker for your baby's grave. I have lost a baby girl, and I understand the importance of getting a marker put up. God bless.

  2. I'm sorry it didn't go as planned. Sometimes it doesn't. I know our party didn't go exactly how I wanted it to but it was still really great. You def find out who really is there for you. ((hug))

    Def email Sarita. I have heard of a foundation that can help get a marker.