Sunday, May 24, 2009

Missing Him So Much

May 29th, Anthony will be a month old, thats also my birthday. I miss my lil'man. :( There is something crazy, there is this lady that had a baby I think fridayy and her lil boy has something like Anthony did but it's something alittle different, and she had the baby in the same hospital I did, and they are NOT letting her have her baby with her, they took the baby and put him in ICU, but he also has heart problems. Really sad. But they are NOT feeding the baby, only sugar water. That pathetic. Also, she was in the SAME waiting room as I was, SAME recovery room, and now she is in the SAME room I was in. Isn't that crazyy. I just pray that your little boy will make it, and hope he stays strong like Anthony did. But Tony&I are going to be helping other families through this, person to person.. Were very happy to do this, && I know Anthony would want us to do that. :) We talk to Anthony all the time like he is here, and he is here in our hearts... Again if anybody needs to talk, or wants some imformation just email me at God bless you all! :)

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  1. I can't believe it's almost a month! I'm sure you miss him like crazy. Do they think the baby of the woman is going to live? I will say some prayers for this situation! I think it's great you want to help other families. I think Anthony would be proud!