Thursday, May 28, 2009

Anthony Is A Month Old

It's so hard to believe my little angel is already a month old. Time flys by so fast, and not only he is a month old but he is a month old on my birthday.. I miss my little bubba so much, its so hard. Anthonys daddy does anything and everything he can for me&&always talks about his little man.. :) Tony is a proud daddy to a perfect little baby. He is so glad that he is getting the chance to talk to other dads because during my pregantcy nobody was really there to talk to him but me. Anthony holds the key to my heart, and not only does he hold the key to my heart, he holds the key to his daddys heart. Anthony has made a big change in my life&in his fathers hearttt. I wouldn't trade in any moment I had with Anthony. I am glad he is not have any problems and he isn't suffering or anything. I am so proud of him. I know we will meet again so I know everything is okayyy. Again, if anybody need somebody to talk to I am here. I am not the perfect person, but believe me, I am here. I know what alot of you are going through, well some what, and his your husband or boyfriend needs somebody to talk to Tony is always here. Just email And you all should have my emaill.

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  1. Happy 1 month birthday little Anthony!! Carleigh is celebrated 2 months yesterday. I'm bet they're having a party! ;)