Sunday, May 24, 2009

Anthony, Your An Angel.

Son, I love you with all my heart. I miss you more then anything in this world. Baby, I wouldn't trade you in for anything or anybody. You have my heart, and I know I won't get it back from my precious little angel. Son, having you made me feel like I was the best person in this world. You will always be mommys little man, && Daddys little monster. Daddy&I couldn't wait for you to be born, but wasn't ready to loss you. Somtimes I think you are still inside me, I rememeber the first time you kicked REALLY hard, daddy&I were att Morgans house, and daddy&I were so happy. Mommy&Daddy think of you all the time. I know you are watching over us now, and that is why we know you are okay, and with some wonderrfull people. The day you was born I was scared, I wasn't ready to have you. Daddy&I couldn't wait till you was born so we could see your beautiful face, but then again we wasn't ready for you to be born because we didn't wanna loss you. If it wasnt for you Daddy&I wouldn't even be together. You are the strongest baby Daddy&I have ever meet. Mommy&Daddy want you back so bad, we can't wait to come to heaven and see our little angel. You'll be a month old on mommys birthday, its so hard to believe you are that old, and it has been that long. I have my days where all I wanna do is think about my lil man. &&days where I know you are okay, and it's better that you are not in the terrible world.. I don't know how life would be if you wouldn't have been born into this world. I thank god for giving us 7 hours and 53 minutes with you, you held on for so long, and stayed strong for so long, you are a miracle baby. I was scared to death that you wasnt going to be with us long, but you proved to everybody you was strong. You wanted us to have ALOT of memories with you. You stayed strong so that everybody could come and meet you, and the ones who didn't, they missed out. Since you stayed SO STRONG for mommy&Daddy, we are now staying strong for you son. Mommy&Daddy love you so much bubba.

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  1. What a wonderful letter to your son! He's so proud of you!