Monday, April 19, 2010

Anthony's Birthday !!

Well ; As everybody knows Anthony's birthday is 11 days away ! I never knew how fast things went ; it feels like I juss had him yesterday ! I didnt know how hard it was too plan a birthday party . Were getting him a cake , inviting ALL our friends . Getting ballons , an writeing something on them , an letting them go (: I'm getting a photo album thats going too say Anthony's First Birthday Party (: cant wait though . I know I'm going too cry , an its going too be REALLY HARD ! If anybody wants too send anything too us , FOR ANTHONY ! Juss ask me for our Address , an I'll welcomely give it too you , and take ya'lls precents too Anthony(: I cant believe it's already been a year ; May First was juss around the corner ; we love our baby boy(: I wonder if he would be saying momma or dada first ? There is so many questions , an they will NEVER be answered ): I wish we would have never lost our baby boy ): I never knew how hard it was too lose somebody till we lost Anthony ): People always talkin bout its hard , an now I know what their talkin bout . Havin Anthony in our arms for 7 hours an 53 minutes , well I can say those 7 hours an 53 minutes where the best hours of my life !! If your wanting too send somethinng too him , email me at an I'll send you our address ! Thanks everybody(:


  1. It's coming quick! I sent you an email. I thought I had your addy but can't find it!

  2. OMG!! I am soo excited but yea like you said it is gonna be verrryyy hard to celebrate his first bday with out him here!! I bet he is saying dada 1st he was a daddyys boy we all knew that:)!!

    Love Always,,