Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two More Days Left(;

First , I wanna think you Holly ; your so sweet , an thank you for sending us that beautiful card ; we will deffently take it out there too Anthony an read it too him Saturday afternoon ; I'm so scared though , its only 2 days away ;; an i'm not readyy ; i'm juss glad im going too have my friends , an family there with me ; an most of ass TONY ! he's been the beggiest help ever ; people/immature girls where saying that it was good the god took Anthony from me ; that really hate me last night , an had me in tears ; it is was all ova drama ; i got in a fight with a girl , an then after her other friend was liikee it was a good thing God too Anthony from you ; an that was taking it alittlee WAY too far ; buttt I cant believe our little Angel is going too be ONE in two days; ): it went by wayy too fast ;; i'm not ready for our little boy too grow up so fast ; i juss wish we could have him here with us , an him be in our arms during his partyyy ; its going too be the most hardest thing ever ; i'm going too cry the WHOLE time ; ): I'm juss reallyy thankful that i'm going too alwayss have tony by my side , all my wonderful friends on here , myy friends that I know in real life , an my family(: thank yoou everybody ;


  1. Dont worry bout them chicks girl!! When god took anthony from u and tony I could just tell how u were heartbroken!! But things will get better with time and I will be there for u if u need me I just wish we could take pictures of anthony God this is horrible I hate anthony being away!! But ILY Tony&&Anthony


  2. I'm glad you got the card! ♥

    I'm sorry that they say stuff like that. They are not mature AT ALL and you shouldn't listen to them. But I know it hurts regardless. You are a great mommy to Anthony!!