Friday, April 30, 2010


it's only one more day away ; an its tooo soon ; i'm not ready , i'm scared ; it's so stressful ; i dont think i will beable too sleep at night ; its like im having him all ova again ; I wanna say thank you too some peoplle ;
An the first person I would have too Thank would be ,
Tony(: ; - baby , i want too say THANK YOU for everything ; an iloveyouwithallmyheart an i wouldnt know what too doo without you ; i'm glad Anthony has such a wonderful daddy like you ; your always there for me , an i wouldn't beable too do this without yooou ; iloveyoubaby(: <3
Amber ; - Thank you girl ; your always there when all these harsh people wanna talk about Anthony, an you always know what too say when i'm upset ; thanks for being there when Anthony was born , an now for his birthday , you amazing(: thanks;
Holly ; - Thank you for everythin you send too us for Anthony ; you know what its like losing your little angel ; your somebody else that I can talk too , you you understand what I am going through ; its like Anencephaly mother too Anencephaly mother ; it would be hard in i didnt have you too talk too ; thanks for everything you have done for Anthony, Tony && I ; your wonderful , an stay wonderful, i'm sure all the other Anencephaly mothers love youu juss as much as i do<3

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  1. Thinking of you so much, Karie! The days leading up to Carleigh's birthday were tough. I hope his day is everything you want it to be! Always here if you need to talk! (((hug)))