Thursday, April 1, 2010

Anthony is 11 Months on ;

WOW ! Time has went by so fassst ; it seems likee it was juss yesterday that we juss had him in our arms ; would he br crawlin now ? or said mama or dada ; ? i've had some HATEFUL people say stuff bout him ; sayin that I killed him ; an that they can have kids that will live ; an I can't; stuff like that hurts my feelings; ): sorry this is going to be short, but its late ; an I thought i'd update ya'll bout what people say ;


  1. Happy 11 months Anthony!! That is awful what people say and so untrue!! They have no clue!

  2. Happyy 11months boogie!! I luv u anthony,,
    And karie dont worry bout what people say,, Only if they knew how amazing anthony was and how heaven sent he was they would NEVER have said a word about him!
    Anthony is an amazing baby supirsed me when i first saw him he was just so peaceful and adorable!!! ILY Karie tony and Anthony!!


  3. Thanks everybody (: means alot tooo me (: an if ANY of you NEED ANYTHINNNNG , you know you can ask me ! I promise I will do everything in my will too doo it (:
    thanks again everybody(:
    -- Anthonys Mommy(: