Thursday, April 16, 2009

2 Weeks And 1 Day To Go.

Wow, only two weeks and one day. I don't have much more time to go. It is an amazing feeling knowing I am going to be able to hold my precious baby Boy. I just pray that he will be just as strong when he comes out, and keeps the good work up and show everybody that he can make it through all of this.. Even if he doesn't, Tony and I will love him the same way! He holds our hearts. He has changed our life's in so many ways, yeah it might seem crazy that a baby so little can change somebody's life, but our son has changed almost everything about us. I am not going to know how it feels when I have the c-section, I am scared that I am not going to be able to hold him before god takes him from us because I am going to be in surgery still, I just hope he makes it and god will show us all that he can make miracles. God is an amazing person, and he has helped me through so many things, and I pray to him that he will help my baby boy. I have rethought a lot of things. Many people have showed me that some care about my angel, and some don't. If baby Anthony doesn't get to stay with us, he will NEVER be forgotten, he will be loved the same as if he was here, and he will ALWAYS be in my heart. I hope I have got all the things I will need for him when he is bornnn. I have finally felt him have hiccups, it feels so weird, but it is also an amazing feeling.

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  1. I loved it when I first felt Carleigh's hiccups. I was so excited. I had been waiting and waiting for them. It's a great sign those hiccups! God is definitely amazing and keep leaning on Him and praying! What a great mommy you are!