Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 Weeks And 2 Days To Go.

Things are going amazing. He has been an active mover. I can't wait till he is here with us. Only got two more weeks and two days. I've been having some pains in my stomach but not to sure what they really are. People seem to really wanna be there when Lil'Tony is born. We made a video of him moving but I guess he knew we was making one because he stopped moving around and everything. He always kicks for his daddy. He moved around alittle bit but you can't tell. We are going to try to make another one when he will kick and everything, but some people say that since it is so close to time, he isn't going to move much. He don't move like he used to, he would make my entire stomach move, but it moves alittle. Well I thought I would update everybody, and can't wait till he is here, so I can tell all of ya'll around our amazing handsome angel!


  1. He's being camera shy! Go figure!

  2. Babies never want to cooperate when we want them to!! I love that he is such an active little boy!

    You have done a wonderful job with your blog. Keep up the posts!