Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just A Short Post!

It's so close. I can't believe it. I don't have much more time to go. I have been feeling really sick and miserable today.. Tony has comforted me alot. I think god I have him. We are having a yard sale to raise money for the funeral, but hopefully we won't have to have one. Tony and I had a good night last night, he talked to Anthony an offal lot. He would always kick when his daddy would talk to him. He loves his daddy, you can already tell. :) It's only One week and Six days. WOW!


  1. Sorry you aren't feeling well! The yard sale is a good idea b/c funerals are so expensive and I don't know many people with that much money just lying around. My husband's family and their church are holding a couple fundraisers for us for medical and funeral expenses. Any extra money we are donating to the Neural Tube Defects Research Fund at Duke.

  2. I do hope you are feeling better soon. It just no fun to be sick and pregnant! And the time is flying....I know you probably feel the same way I do, wishing you had the ability to stop time or reverse it so that you had more of it with little Anthony saft in your tummy.

    The yard sale is a good idea to help with the funeral costs. One thing to consider though, if you have health insurance (either of you) is that there may be a clause or way to help cover those costs that way. We have a clause in ours to help cover this and it has been very helpful to know that. It might be something worth checking in to.

    I think it is so precious that little Anthony is so active and responsive to his daddy! What a special bond that they have created already! I am praying for you as your delivery date approaches. I hope you get LOTS of time with him!

  3. Have you said how old you are? Sorry if I missed that! One thing I feel led to tell you is that for someone so young to be so strong through this is amazing! You are a beautiful, wonderful woman that I admire. I'm dealing with things in my own life but reading your blog I realize they are just things ...small things. I can only imagine how you feel and how hard this must be but you stay strong and know that by doing this blog YOU ARE HELPING PEOPLE! You're awesome, kelli (indiana)