Friday, April 24, 2009

1 Week To Go.!

It's almost seems impossiable. He will be here so soon. I can't believe it. My last doctors appointment was Wednesday! And all he told me is that he would see me on May 1st. I was told that Anthony should stop moving so much since it is so close to my due date, but he is still an active mover, asn't slowed down. He always kicks when I am laying with somebody, it's like he knows and defently doesn't like it. :) He always kicks his daddy in the back. It really means alot to Tony when he feels him kick and all that. Anthony ALWAYS kicks for his daddy, and always moves when he hears his voice. We can be talking and Anthony will kick, it's like he is saying, DADDY TALK TO ME! :) I don't know what I am going to do when he is here. I am going to have so much to say, I don't even know what to start with, but I do wanna make sure I do say "I Love You Son". I am not going to let him get outta my site. I got all my stuff for the hospital packed, and I got all Anthony's things packed, now all we gotta go get is somethings for Tony.. He'll be here soon, and I can tell ya'll about my precious baby boy, and how handsome he is. Thank you all.


  1. Sounds like you have everything ready! So sweet to hear about Anthony kickin for daddy! He's a special little guy and he has a mommy that loves him soooo much, its so obvious. You all are still in my prayers <3 Kelli(indiana)

  2. Wow! Just a week! Our babies seem to be super active in the womb. I think that is a special gift for us. Carleigh never really slowed down with her movements. They just got stronger as she got bigger! That's good you have everything packed for the most part. Make sure you get lots of keepsakes. I kept pretty much everything. You'll be glad you did!